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Behavior Analyst Certification Board -  A non-profit corporation to meet professional credentialing needs.

Association for Behavior Analysis International -  A non-profit membership organization for those interested in the philosophy, science, application, and teaching of behavior analysis.  LaBAA is the state affiliate chapter of ABAI.

Association of Professional Behavior Analysis - A non-profit membership organization that promotes and advances the science and practice of ABA.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment -  A comprehensive website that promotes science-based treatments for people with autism by disseminating scientifically sound information, and combats unsubstantiated, inaccurate and false information about autism and its treatment.

Applied Behavior Analysis EDU - An independent online publishing group that provides future and practicing behavior analysts with resources regarding state licensing, education options, earning potential, practice domains and more.

Behavior Analysis University Programs:

​Louisiana Universities with BACB Approved Course Sequence

View the ABAI Accredited Behavior Analysis Programs:

Visit the Behavior Analyst Certification Board for more information about verified course sequence requirements:

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